1. 1965 – Endsleigh was founded by the National Union of Students (NUS) on the 13th August.

  2. The company takes its name from Endsleigh Street in London, the original home to NUS head office.

  3. Student fashion – Long hair, jeans, an Afghan coat brought back from Morocco or Biba go-go boots and mini skirts.

  4. In the 60s students found it difficult to get insurance. Recognising this, NUS formed Endsleigh to provide tailored insurance to university and college students.

  5. Mike Naylor was a charismatic figure within the insurance industry and a man of considerable intellect and aggressive business acumen. He founded Endsleigh Insurance and expanded the company from its student roots into one of the largest retail insurance chains in Britain.

  6. “It does not matter how long an applicant’s hair is, how scruffy their anorak, or how floral the decoration of their car, we shall quote them competitive rates.”

    Mike Naylor, 1965
  7. 1966 – England win the football World Cup, defeating Germany in the final.

  8. The first Endsleigh logo initially took inspiration from the NUS logo – meet Oswald.

  9. Permanent retail branches were secured on campus, offering a new way to buy insurance.

  10. 1969 – Concorde, the world’s first supersonic airliner, makes its maiden flight.


  1. 1970 – Endsleigh moves from London to Cheltenham. The government at the time was offering financial incentives for companies to move out of London to reduce overcrowding. Endsleigh’s founder and then MD Mike Naylor liked the Cotswolds, which sealed the deal.

  2. 1971 – Decimalised currency replaces ‘pounds, shillings and pence’.

  3. Mike Naylor created a community through establishing a campus feel at Endsleigh, and in the 1970s the first annual conference was held. These events were usually held over two days at a university and the whole company would close to attend.

  4. Student technology – A few lucky students owned an electric typewriter. Halls had a TV in the communal areas and possibly a single pay-phone in the corridor.

  5. 1976 – NUS sells Endsleigh to Dutch company Gouda Insurance International. Endsleigh had a bigger turnover than NUS and the union didn’t want its political lobbying to be compromised because of commercial interests. NUS retained two seats on the Board which it maintains to this day.

  6. 1979 – Margaret Thatcher becomes Britain’s first female prime minister.


  1. 1982 – NUS buys back a 15% shareholding stake in Endsleigh.

  2. Student cooking – Students could depend on frozen delights such as Findus French Bread Pizza, although according to a BBC Magazines survey, beans on toast was still a students’ favourite dish.

  3. Endsleigh was the first broker to computerise its systems and deliver a real time panel quote. It also expanded its retail network to more than 130 branches across campuses and high streets.

  4. 1985 – Back to the Future is released in cinemas.

  5. 1988 – Endsleigh starts its 10 year sponsorship of Burnley FC.

  6. 1989 – Tim Berners-Lee invents the World Wide Web.


  1. 1992 – Channel Tunnel opens, linking London and Paris by rail.

  2. 1993 – Endsleigh starts its sponsorship of the Football League which continued until 1996

  3. Student finance – Loans replaced grants, so fewer students had part-time jobs, but most graduated with debt.

  4. 1995 – Endsleigh’s founder, Mike Naylor, sadly died in a motor accident. He was succeeded by Mike Alcock, who drew from Mike Naylor’s inspirations and built a new campus style head office in Shurdington.

  5. 1996 – Endsleigh launches a new website that allows customers to request a quotation from their local branch.

  6. 1997 – The first Harry Potter book is published in the UK with a run of 500 copies.

  7. 1998 – Endsleigh unveiled a new brand and the company moves to a purpose built headquarters in Shurdington, on the outskirts of Cheltenham.

  8. 1999 – TCS Claims was formed, which provided a dedicated claims service for insurers. Endsleigh launches its first online quotation, a ‘quick quote’, launched later in the year.


  1. 2001 – Endsleigh Financial Services Limited is created, dedicated to providing help and support to customers’ mortgages, life assurances, pensions, savings and investments. The first full ‘quote and buy’ website launches, delivering a 24/7 service.

  2. 2002 – After a management buy-out, a strategic alliance is formed with Zurich Financial Services, one of Europe’s largest investment and insurance companies.

  3. 2003 – Endsleigh is one of the first brokers to develop partnerships with price comparison sites such as Go Compare and Money Supermarket.

  4. Student life – Loans were now the norm and polys became universities. Amid record student numbers and an increasing range of courses, the early 2000s was a good time to study.

  5. 2005 – Endsleigh becomes authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

  6. 2005 – YouTube is first launched by three former PayPal employees.

  7. 2006 – Zurich acquires 100% of Endsleigh, providing Endsleigh with the backing of a very substantial parent company fully committed to supporting future plans, particularly in the area of product design and competitive pricing. Endsleigh still maintains a close bond with NUS, whose President and Treasurer sit on the Endsleigh Board.

  8. 2008 – The ever increasing amount of online business leads to the difficult decision to close Endsleigh’s branch network.

  9. 2009 – Ian Passmore succeeds Mike Alcock as MD of Endsleigh Insurance Services Limited.

  10. 2009 – With Endsleigh’s roots in education, it launches a competition for graduate designers to create a new brand look and feel, rebranding with competition winner Alex Perryman’s design in 2010. The logo was subsequently refreshed in 2014.


  1. 2010 – Together with Demos, a renowned ‘think tank’, Endsleigh undertook research with the ‘Class of 2010’, the first group to study and graduate during a ‘credit crunch’. This research was key to providing employers and universities with an understanding of the attitudes and aspirations of the next generation.

  2. 2011 – Endsleigh enters into a strategic partnership with Zurich to help the company re-enter the direct personal lines market.

  3. 2012 – The summer Olympics are held in London with Team GB winning 29 golds.

  4. 2014 – Endsleigh merges with Zurich’s Personal Lines business. Ian Passmore steps down as MD to be replaced by Tim Holliday as the new MD for Personal Lines and Endsleigh.

  5. 2015 – Endsleigh offers students and young professionals a flexible policy designed to grow with their changing lives.